Now CCNA certified!

After months of studying, I am proud to say I am now CCNA certified. I would like to say thank you to David Bombal and his courses on Udemy. I also spent alot of time watching CBT Nuggets and watching Paul Browning’s CCNA cram.

I spent some time reading through the Cisco official ICND2 book however, I found the material kind of dry and found myself not reading through everything in the chapters. So if you love raw material, go for the Cisco official book. Otherwise, I recommend reading through Todd Lammel’s “CCNA Routing and Switching Complete Study Guide”

All in all, it was a long and difficult study period for the last few months but I believe it was well worth it. Onto the next certification!

Defcon 27 – After thoughts

So hacker summer camp is over and it’s time to get back to reality. This was my first Defcon and it was amazing. I learned alot, got some ideas for new projects, and met some new friends. I didn’t grab as many pictures as I’d like to hope but I would like to show one; the “Ohio Defcon meetup” group that we had.

This trip made me realize that I have alot of learning and tinkering around to do to make myself better as an infosec professional.

Next year, I plan to partake in some CTFs and events, until then… I will be studying.

Heading to Defcon 27 this year!

As the title reads, I will be heading to my first Defcon this week. I am looking forward to meeting a few of my internet friends and a couple long time friends that I haven’t seen in awhile. I plan to (people) network, gain some new contacts, and learn a bunch of new network security techniques while in Vegas.