Current situation of my life

To kick things off on this blog, I want to talk about where I currently am in my life.

Unfortunately due to some family events at the end of 2017, I feel like I have been slacking for the past year. I am in a process of trying to straighten my life up from top to bottom. So what does that mean you may ask?

Phase 1 – Redo
Well, for starters… I went through every item I own and either pitched it or organized it. I want to have less stuff in my house. Less stuff, less stress. I went through and cleaned up all my electronics, all my servers, my file server, my notebooks, my cable management in my server rack… Everything. I am in the process of trying to get a hold of my finances and get a clear picture of where I want to be in 1-2 years and even further in 5-10 years. I started using my todo list more and I setup my google calendar to star scheduling everything in my life as time is the only thing I can’t seem to find more of.

Phase 2 – Study
Next part of my plan is to get back to studying Networking and Security. I started studying for my CCNA again after a year break and on my lunch breaks at work, I am learning Powershell. I would love to get back into electronic projects again as well. Before last year, I was soldering antennas together and building raspberry pi projects for fun instead of watching TV or playing video games.

Phase 3 – Blogging / Sharing
Phase 2 never really ends in my career path. Being in the IT field means we are always studying something new. I believe that blogging about my studies and the things I come across will both help me cement the things I learn and will also help people that run into similar issues.

Phase 4 – The Future
While I love my current job, I don’t want to be a Network Administrator at my current company forever. So the phases listed above will hopefully put me on the right track of getting into NetSec/InfoSec.

So yeah, that’s where I am current at right now in my life. I am not sure how these phases that I laid out will work out for me, but I guess it’s better to try than to give up.