Network Overview

This is my network overview of the “Milkyway.Galaxy” domain. My entire network is named after planets and the solar system. Every week I decide to change/add/remove something so it’s constantly evolving. My network is broken into multiple VLANs to allow segmentation of the network. I use a custom built PfSense router running version 2.4.x as of the time of writing this. From my router, it feeds into my 2960x stack which is setup as router on a stick VLAN configuration.

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Grafana on Ubuntu Server 18.04 | InfluxDB / Telegraf

Recently, I setup Grafana at my workplace to allow more visibility on our network. In the past I have played with Grafana in my homelab but I didn’t understand how It could be useful for me at the time when I only had one server. Now that I have a handful of servers that can be a pain sometimes to monitor, I’ve decided to give Grafana another go.

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You’ve found my corner of the internet; My one external IP address out of 4.2 Million IPv4 addresses / 333.8 Million and growing domains.

This blog is where I will be posting about my homelab projects that I often undergo. I will also be posting notes and informational posts about tutorials that I find online, and anything else I learn as I go along.

I am not the worlds best blogger but hopefully as I do this more, it will get easier with time.

Anyways…. Hope you enjoy the blog!