MPCNC Z Axis Independent Dust Collection

Hey All,

I recently was looking for a decent dust collection system that was Z axis independent.

After a bit of digging, I determined I was going to design one up myself. This design allows you to set the height of the dust shoe and lock it in so it doesn’t move when running the CNC. The dust shoe is held in by 8, 8mmx3mm magnets and allows you to easily add / remove the shoe when setting up your work.

DISCLAMER: You will loose about 2ish inches of X Y cutting area, you will have to adjust endstops to account for this. I am trying to figure out a good way to work around this, if you have any ideas, I’m all ears. Please comment on the thingiverse page.

Demonstration Video
Thingiverse Link (STEP File on thingiverse for remix / hose resizes)

Instructions / Steps

  1. Take the sliders, hold them up to the core and use a small drill bit or pick to mark where to drill on the core.
  2. Drill holes big enough for the M3 inserts into the core
  3. Press M3 inserts into the core using a soldering iron (300°c). Make sure they are pointed straight.
  4. Attach sliders to the core using M3 16MM bolts / M3 washers
  5. Press magnets into the arms / dust shoe. Make sure magnet polarization is correct!
  6. Take an M3 square nut and insert it into the slider track.
  7. Take an M3 45mm bolt / washer, put it through the arm and then line up the bolt to the square nut. This can be a pain, I found that using a pick to hold the nut works best when lining everything up.
  8. Repeat for the other side.
  9. Take your easy cut bristle brush strip and press it into the dust shoe
  10. Slide dust shoe into arm and connect hose.
  11. Adjust arm height for your work!

My design has two “rails” that attach to the core via M3 Heated Inserts and M3 16mm machine screws. The easiest way to figure out where to place the inserts is to hold the sliders up onto the core and then to take a pick and poke through the 8 holes on the slider to mark on the core where to drill.

Once you have the holes, take off your router. I’d recommend just hand screwing the lead screw and taking the whole Z assembly off the core and setting it a side for now.

Then, take a drill bit that matches the size of the M3 heated inserts and drill into the core at the marked locations from your pick. At this point, we can take our inserts press them in using a soldering iron. I used 300C on my soldering iron to do this. Make sure they are pointing straight. If they are canted a little bit, it can be difficult to get the sliders to line up with the inserts.

Next, take the M3 16mm screws and washers and attach the slider to the core.

You will want to go ahead and press in the magnets into the arms and dust shoe after attaching the slider to the core. (Make sure magnet polarization is correct! )

Once the magnets are in, take the square M3 nut and place it into the slot on the back of the slider rail. Take an arm assembly and an M3 45mm and washer and attach the arm to the core, don’t crank it down. I found that using a pick to hold the nut works best when lining everything up. Repeat for the other side.

Finally, take your Easy Cut Strip brush and press it into the dust shoe. At this point, you should be able to slide it into the two arms and test it out.

You may have to adjust height of the arms and endstops to get everything to home correctly.

Feel free to remix my design, I’m open to suggestions on how I can make this a better system. Feel free to contact me by commenting on the Thingiverse link above!