Network Overview

This is my network overview of the “Milkyway.Galaxy” domain. My entire network is named after planets and the solar system. Every week I decide to change/add/remove something so it’s constantly evolving. My network is broken into multiple VLANs to allow segmentation of the network. I use a custom built PfSense router running version 2.4.x as of the time of writing this. From my router, it feeds into my 2960x stack which is setup as router on a stick VLAN configuration.

My server VLAN contains all of the server/VM traffic. This VLAN is currently locked down so wireless/lab cannot touch this network. iSCSi shares from my file server feed my VM host with all my disk space needs for my VMs and projects.

Wireless network hosts all of my devices such as my arlo cameras, google homes and laptop. The wireless network is locked down by ACLs to not talk to any other VLAN for security reasons.

My lab network feeds into my R710 VM host so I can have a lab using my Hyper-V host. This allows me to deploy DHCP/DNS and other fun services without worry of bringing my network down.

Below is the layout of my server rack. All of the servers are currently in a half full Dell 42U rack. I switched to the 42U rack during summer 2017 because I was starting to outgrow my 15u StarTech rack. I found the rack on Craigslist for $50 and jumped on the deal immediately.

At the time of writing this, I have 13 VMs that are on my “Earth” VM server. These VMs have various functions for my network. I also host my Lab VMs on this server and I assign it the Lab Network HyperV Net adapter so the VM is on the Lab VLAN.

My entire network has been pieced together over the period of two years with many frustrations and “ahh” moments but I am proud that my network is what it is today. Having a homelab allows me to continue education with hands on experience in a “non production” environment where it’s not the end of world if I break the network for a few hours.