Domain Password Spray by Dafthack

At the time of writing this, we do not have very much in place to enforce what passwords can and can’t be used on the network aside of the standard group policy controls. In the past, I used to gather AD Password hashes from the domain controller and then run the password through hashcat in order to give me a list of user passwords; The Domain Password Spray Powershell script from Dafthack changes everything.

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Network Overview

This is my network overview of the “Milkyway.Galaxy” domain. My entire network is named after planets and the solar system. Every week I decide to change/add/remove something so it’s constantly evolving. My network is broken into multiple VLANs to allow segmentation of the network. I use a custom built PfSense router running version 2.4.x as of the time of writing this. From my router, it feeds into my 2960x stack which is setup as router on a stick VLAN configuration.

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Grafana on Ubuntu Server 18.04 | InfluxDB / Telegraf

Recently, I setup Grafana at my workplace to allow more visibility on our network. In the past I have played with Grafana in my homelab but I didn’t understand how It could be useful for me at the time when I only had one server. Now that I have a handful of servers that can be a pain sometimes to monitor, I’ve decided to give Grafana another go.

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