MPCNC Z Axis Independent Dust Collection

Hey All,

I recently was looking for a decent dust collection system that was Z axis independent.

After a bit of digging, I determined I was going to design one up myself. This design allows you to set the height of the dust shoe and lock it in so it doesn’t move when running the CNC. The dust shoe is held in by 8, 8mmx3mm magnets and allows you to easily add / remove the shoe when setting up your work.

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pfSense, Suricata, and Splunk

There are a few blogs out there on the internet that walk you through setting up a pfSense Splunk forwarder, and a few more that talk about getting your suricata IDS logs into your Splunk, but there is not an all-in-one guide to help you do both. I wrote a blog post for my work which can be read here!

Shell script to backup websites / mysql database

So it has been awhile since my last update. I recently moved my web server hosting back and forth between linode and locally hosting over the last two months. At the end of the day, I ended up moving my Unraid server to a colo located in Pittsburgh for a really good monthly rate which hosts my website among other things.

To move my website back and forth with ease, I needed to make up a shell script to backup mysql database and website files to a zipped tar file. Behold… my script!

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Marlin 1.1.19 on Kossel Mini with ZProbe

I got into 3D Printing about two years ago, my first printer was an wanhao i3 with a 200mm x 200mm x 180mm bed. It served me well for about a year and then I wanted more. In comes the Kossel Mini, with a 175mm x 175mm x 300mm bed size. So much room for vertical printing activities!

This post is going to be about my on-going project to setup my 3D Printing enclosure that I have built over the last year. This project is far from done however, I would like to share my setup at this point to hopefully give someone an idea of the Kossel Mini setup.

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Now CCNA certified!

After months of studying, I am proud to say I am now CCNA certified. I would like to say thank you to David Bombal and his courses on Udemy. I also spent alot of time watching CBT Nuggets and watching Paul Browning’s CCNA cram.

I spent some time reading through the Cisco official ICND2 book however, I found the material kind of dry and found myself not reading through everything in the chapters. So if you love raw material, go for the Cisco official book. Otherwise, I recommend reading through Todd Lammel’s “CCNA Routing and Switching Complete Study Guide”

All in all, it was a long and difficult study period for the last few months but I believe it was well worth it. Onto the next certification!

Defcon 27 – After thoughts

So hacker summer camp is over and it’s time to get back to reality. This was my first Defcon and it was amazing. I learned alot, got some ideas for new projects, and met some new friends. I didn’t grab as many pictures as I’d like to hope but I would like to show one; the “Ohio Defcon meetup” group that we had.

This trip made me realize that I have alot of learning and tinkering around to do to make myself better as an infosec professional.

Next year, I plan to partake in some CTFs and events, until then… I will be studying.

Heading to Defcon 27 this year!

As the title reads, I will be heading to my first Defcon this week. I am looking forward to meeting a few of my internet friends and a couple long time friends that I haven’t seen in awhile. I plan to (people) network, gain some new contacts, and learn a bunch of new network security techniques while in Vegas.

Unraid on a Dell R510 – How to install and get started

After years of running Windows Server as my primary server OS for my homelab, I am starting to branch away and go different routes with how I want my homelab to function. In the past, I had Windows Server 2012R2, 2016, and 2019 with a software called stablebit drive pool to pool my JBOD setup into one network share. While this served its purpose, I recently replaced my laptop OS from Windows back to glorious Linux and Windows SMB for file shares wasn’t cutting the bill. This blog post is the journey of getting Unraid onto my Dell R510 outfitted with 35TB of spinning disks.

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Work | Mimecast and Unifi Deployment

I’ve been super busy at work recently, I just finished up two big projects. We switched over to Mimecast’s email security suite. The whole deployment took a bit of planning and some of fixing of DNS/MX records but I am proud to say that the project is finished. So far, Mimecast has been working great and has been catching a lot more spam/phishing emails than the previous solution that was in place.

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